The Rise and Ruin: Uncovering Aztec Empire’s Mysterious Temple

In this video, we’re investigating the rise and ruin of the mysterious Aztec Empire. Armed with only our archaeological clues, we uncover their mysterious temple and what finds exist below Mexico City!

This historical discovery is sure to stimulating Read more

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July 17th: Unveiling the Aztec’s Fascination: The Mysteries of the Toltec

Did you know that the ancient Aztecs had an enduring fascination with the Toltec civilization? Today, we will unveil the mysteries behind this obsession.

The Toltecs were renowned as skilled craftsmen, brilliant architects, and powerful warriors. Their influence spanned Read more

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May 1st: Touring the History of Chichen Itza

Moving forward from the Ancient Wonders list determined by Greek and Roman Scholars, it’s time to explore the New World. Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore man-made marvels of the Americas, talking about the history and archaeology of these Read more

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