February 10th News: Found Roman dodecahedron and its mystery

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Weapon? Magic object? Man with metal detector stumbles upon mysterious Roman artifact


A piece of a Roman dodecahedron has been uncovered by a metal detector in Belgium, by a hobbyist archaeologist. He immediately showed the fragment to the local government where it was identified. This is one of two found in Belgium.

Ancient humans used mastodon bones to hunt the giant beasts

Ancient humans used mastodon bones to hunt the giant beasts

A mastodon rib bone which was excavated in the 1970’s has been restudied to find a projectile tip inside; made from another mastodon bone. It dates to 13,900 BCE, predating similar weapons by 900 years.

How this statue depicting Hercules was discovered in a Rome sewer


A 2000 year old life-sized statue of Hercules has been found in a sewer under a public garden in Rome. They were completing repairs and the archaeologist on site immediately suspended work. The statue appears to be Emperor Decius, dressed to look like Hercules.

UNESCO site ‘in danger’ faces greater peril after earthquake


Devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have critically damaged historical sites. UNESCO has sent resources to both countries in an attempt to resolve issues with specifically the ancient city of Aleppo.

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