February 17th News: Archaeological Secrets of the Miami River

This week in the news:

A major archaeological discovery was made on the Miami River. Was it kept ‘under wraps’


Recent excavations in the Miami River archaeological site, they have found 7000 year old spearheads and other stone tools, increasing the date of the site’s habitation by 5000 years.

Cambodian families face eviction as part of Angkor Wat protection plan


Due to an expected increase of tourists due to pandemic restrictions being lifted, the Cambodian government plans to relocate 10k families who currently live at the Angkor Wat, to provide it protection. Over the last 40 years, the number of people living at the site increased 6 times the original number, ballooning to 120k people.

Earthquake in Turkey Did Not Damage 11,500-Year-Old Monolithic Site


The devastating earthquakes in Turkey have caused mass loss of life and damage; however, early investigations by Archaeologist have determined that Gobekli Tepe had been left unharmed. Gobekli Tepe is an 11500 year old megalith site, considered to be the oldest religious site in human history.

Chichen Itza: New area discovered at Mexican historic site


At Chichen Itza, archaeologists have found a housing complex that would have been where the ruler would live with his entire family. This has led to Archaeologists to conclude there must be more sites like this that need to be uncovered.

If you can, please donate to Doctors without Borders to help those affected by the Earthquakes. https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/who-we-are


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