January 6th News: Archaeological Site damage from Hurricane Ian and tons of stolen artifacts

Spanish police find hundreds of archaeological artefacts at two homes


Two men in Spain are under investigation for storing hundreds of artifacts in their homes, including 5000 year old human remains. All of these items are assumed to be illegal, due to lack of documentation. One man cooperated with authorities after his house was raided and mentioned the other, who had the human remains, to police.

Egypt recovers ‘Green Sarcophagus’ from United States


A 500 kg sarcophagus was returned to Cairo after being smuggled into the US years prior. This Sarcophagus is notable for its bright green face and is dated to 747-332 BCE.

British Museum says it’s in ‘constructive’ discussions over Parthenon marbles


The British Museum has been having conversations with the Greek Government regarding the return of the Marble sculptures from the Parthenon to their home in Athens. Conversations are in the early stages.

Native Landmarks Hard-Hit by Hurricane Ian, Researchers Say

Native Landmarks Hard-Hit by Hurricane Ian, Researchers Say

Due to damage caused by Hurricane Ian, there is a movement to survey the damage to 20 square miles of Florida’s Pine Island Sound and Estero Bay. These are home to many archaeological sites of the Native Calusa, who lived there until the late 1700’s. These sites included shell mounds, remnants of an elaborate canal system which sustained damages during the storm.

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