July 19th and July 26th: Archaeology Class with activity

This week, Brad’s Labs will be in person, teaching children about Archaeology.

At Saint Archaeology Co., our mission has always been to educate the masses, but we are most excited about inspiring children to explore Archaeology. When I was a child, I was inspired to the field by a professional coming to my school and doing activities like what I’ll be doing today. I’m hoping that it sparks that same excitement it did for me.

Both events are already booked with EarlyOn, in Oakville, ON. However, if interested in future events, reach out and we can coordinate for your group.

Classes can be customized by age group. These classes are focusing on younger children, so I’ll be doing the Cylinder Seal activity and showing my work bag.

You can reach me at saintarchaeologyco@gmail.com to discuss future opportunities and find out availability/pricing.

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