May 29th: Unspoiled by the Spanish: History of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an amazing site, showing some of the best preserved Inca architecture. This is spotlighted as one of the modern world wonders, and one of my own New World Wonders. This is due to the rich history that led to it’s creation, it’s modern discovery and how it has impacted the modern world.


Fagan, B.M. (1998) Eyewitness to discovery: First-person accounts of more than fifty of the world’s greatest archaeological discoveries. New York: Oxford University Press.,_First_Inca,_1_of_14_Portraits_of_Inca_Kings_-_overall.jpgón_de_Almagro_Pedro_Subercaseaux.jpgán#/media/File:Sacsayhuamán_in_1877_by_Ephraim_George_Squier.jpg,_Urubamba#/media/File:Inti_Watana.jpgúñez_de_Balboa.jpgés_and_Montezuma.jpg,_John_Everett_(Sir)_-_Pizarro_Seizing_the_Inca_of_Peru_-_Google_Art_Project.jpgárcel#/media/File:Luis_E._Valcárcel.jpg

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