Replica Venus of Willendorf figure


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The Venus of Willendorf is a paleolithic statue made about 28,000 BCE in the Lower Austria region of Austria. It is thought to be one of the earliest depictions of a human being. The Replica Venus of Willendorf Figure was inspired by that magnificent piece of art. Her shapely figure makes her a relation to fertility and the motherhood ideals of the time period. This is a large and impressive statue. From the tip of the head to the bottom of the base, it measures 18 cm tall. The Replica Venus of Willendorf Figure was created using 3D printing technology. This figure is made to last, although it is not indestructible. This replica is not recommended for small children. The Replica Venus of Willendorf Figure is designed for decoration and it will make an excellent addition to any collection of educational toys or historical art.

Painting design may vary due to nature of being made-to-order and hand painted.

Credit for the print file goes to DRR Creative Oddities. You can purchase the STL here:


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