Archaeology Activity – Cylinder Seal

Activity details

Age Group – 3 and up

Supplies needed

Time required – 10 – 15 minute long activity

Activity Steps

  • You will take the play dough or clay out of its container and place it on a flat surface
  • Then, you will roll it out flat (but not too thin!)
  • From there, you will use the cylinder and roll from the top of the dough
  • You will notice the pattern, and discuss the history of what this was used for and suggest other modern uses of this type of printing option.

History of seal

Photo is courtesy of the British Museum.

Age – 2600 BCE (Before common era)

Location found – Royal Cemetery of Ur in Mesopotamia (Modern Day Iraq)

Excavation in – 1927 to 1928

Current Location – British Museum, London UK

Description – This seal was found in the grave of Queen Pubai. The seal depicts a feast scene, with one portion assumed to be Pubai, herself.

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