August 14th: The Ancient Marvel: Exploring the Great Canal of China

In this fascinating video, join us on a mesmerizing journey through the picturesque landscapes and storied history of the Great Canal of China. Known as the world’s oldest and longest man-made waterway, this marvel of engineering stretches over 1,000 Read more

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Archaeology Activity – Cylinder Seal

Activity details

Age Group – 3 and up

Supplies needed

Time required – 10 – 15 minute long Read more

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May 8th: Did the Moai cause collapse of Easter Island population?

This week’s wonder takes us to Rapa Nui, or as it’s more commonly known, Easter Island. One of the highlights that makes this a wonder of the New World are the iconic Giant Head Statues, known as Moai. Their Read more

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May 1st: Touring the History of Chichen Itza

Moving forward from the Ancient Wonders list determined by Greek and Roman Scholars, it’s time to explore the New World. Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore man-made marvels of the Americas, talking about the history and archaeology of these Read more

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Upcoming: May 6th Livestream: Chatting Through the Wonders of the Ancient World (While playing CIV6)

As we finish up the 7 wonders of the ancient world, I wanted to take some time and chat through, answer questions you may have had come up, all while creating my own wonders in a game of Read more

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April 10th Time Travel – A More Deserved Wonder: Great Temple at Abu Simbel

Before we completely leave the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, I wanted to take a moment to provide my suggestions of the three that should have replaced the ones that were lackluster in my opinion: Colossus of Rhodes, Read more

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February 10th News: Found Roman dodecahedron and its mystery

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Weapon? Magic object? Man with metal detector stumbles upon mysterious Roman artifact

A piece of a Roman dodecahedron has been uncovered by a metal detector in Belgium, by a hobbyist archaeologist. He Read more

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January 2nd – Archaeology 101 – Absolute Dating

As promised, we’re moving on to advanced dating techniques – Carbon Dating, to be exact. I’ll walk you through the simple topics behind it, and going into depth to provide the information you need to determine how old an Read more

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December 26th – Archaeology 101 on Relative Dating

This week, I’m slowing things down. Giving you the information you need to get up close and in detail – With soil. We’re talking about Relative Dating in Archaeology, focusing on the simple topics behind it, and going into Read more

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Weekly News – December 16th: Additional Nazca Lines Found and Roman Coins stolen from British Police

This week in the news, we covered these stories:

Watchful cat, slithering snake among 2,000-year-old drawings found in Peru.

Archaeologist have found 168 additional geoglyphs in Nazca. They range in designs from human-like figures to animals such as Read more

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