December 23rd News: Bart Simpson of Ancient Egypt and other news

Bones uncovered in Denmark believed to be human sacrifice from thousands of years ago

Human remains and ancient artifacts were found deposited in a bog in Denmark. Based on the context clues, they believe the bones belong to a victim of human sacrifice. The site included animal bones, ceramics and tools, which were deposited around them.

Ukraine’s museums keep watch over priceless gold in bid to halt Russian looters

In Ukraine, thousands of artifacts, including Scythian gold, has been looted from their museums. Some museums have been able to relocate their artifacts safely from the country, but many of them are struggling to remove them for their safety. Between this, and the destruction of archaeological sites since 2017, there is a massive risk to preserving their history.

Lines written by ‘naughty pupils’ among 18,000 ancient pottery fragments found in Egypt

2000-year-old pottery sherds found in Egypt, showed different drawings and lessons to children including one depicting an incident where a child was required to write lines due to misbehaviour.

Secret chamber beneath a home reveals Iron Age mysteries

In Turkey, unexpected artwork was found beneath a former Iron Age home. The unfinished work shows a procession of deities. It’s in the style of Neo-Assyrian and surviving depictions of this are rare.

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