February 24th News – Found: A Roman Object of Pleasure

The Roman Tool Archaeologists Were Excited About


An object found in Norththumberland in 1992, which was previously believed to be a Roman darning tool, turned out to be a tool of a different kind. This Roman object of Read more

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February 17th News: Archaeological Secrets of the Miami River

This week in the news:

A major archaeological discovery was made on the Miami River. Was it kept ‘under wraps’


Recent excavations in the Miami River archaeological site, they have found 7000 year old spearheads and other stone Read more

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February 10th News: Found Roman dodecahedron and its mystery

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Weapon? Magic object? Man with metal detector stumbles upon mysterious Roman artifact


A piece of a Roman dodecahedron has been uncovered by a metal detector in Belgium, by a hobbyist archaeologist. He Read more

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January 27th News: Silver Hoard found in Israel

Silver hoard found in Israelhttps://www.livescience.com/ancient-silver-hoards-israel-gaza

A hoard of silver currency is believed to be the oldest found in Israel and Gaza. It’s dated to 3600-years-old, hundreds of years earlier from previous evidence. 

It is believed the silver Read more

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January 20th News – 2000 Year Old Runestone Found!

Oldest Runestones found in Norway, predating Viking age


In Norway, a runestone was uncovered in a 2000 year old cremation pit. It is believed to be the earliest depiction of runes, which is based off early Germanic languages, Read more

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January 6th News: Archaeological Site damage from Hurricane Ian and tons of stolen artifacts

Spanish police find hundreds of archaeological artefacts at two homes


Two men in Spain are under investigation for storing hundreds of artifacts in their homes, including 5000 year old human remains. All of these items are assumed to Read more

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December 30th News: Stonehenge Goldworking Tools confirmed; 13 tombs, HMS Erebus and oldest points in Americas

13 tombs — most over 1,800 years old — unearthed on mountainside in China, photos show


A burial complex was uncovered in Hunan Province, in a mountain side. The tombs did not have inscriptions on their brick or Read more

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December 23rd News: Bart Simpson of Ancient Egypt and other news

Bones uncovered in Denmark believed to be human sacrifice from thousands of years ago


Human remains and ancient artifacts were found deposited in a bog in Denmark. Based on the context clues, they believe the bones belong to Read more

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Weekly News – December 16th: Additional Nazca Lines Found and Roman Coins stolen from British Police

This week in the news, we covered these stories:

Watchful cat, slithering snake among 2,000-year-old drawings found in Peru.


Archaeologist have found 168 additional geoglyphs in Nazca. They range in designs from human-like figures to animals such as Read more

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Weekly News – December 9th: Neolithic Carving Depicting Self-love and other Archeology News

This week, the news consists of some of the hot stories in the news right now. As always, these videos are exactly what you need to know, provided quickly – With the ability to learn more.

Stories in video

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