February 24th News – Found: A Roman Object of Pleasure

The Roman Tool Archaeologists Were Excited About


An object found in Norththumberland in 1992, which was previously believed to be a Roman darning tool, turned out to be a tool of a different kind. This Roman object of pleasure, measures 16cm, however the wood has likely shrank over time.

A 2,400 Year-Old Flush Toilet Was Found in China. It Could Be Oldest in The World.


At the Yueyang archaeological site in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, Archaeologists have uncovered a flushable toilet dating 2,400 years old. This is significantly earlier than the known invention of the flushable toilet in 1596 ce.

3rd-century-B.C. woman was buried facedown with a nail hole in her skull. Here’s why.


A 3rd Century BCE burial uncovered in Sardinia, has shown an unusual display, with a young woman buried face down with a nail in the back of the head. Based on existing records, it is believed that she would have had epilepsy and the nail drilled in the back of her head to prevent the “contagion” of epilepsy to spread.

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