January 20th News – 2000 Year Old Runestone Found!

Oldest Runestones found in Norway, predating Viking age


In Norway, a runestone was uncovered in a 2000 year old cremation pit. It is believed to be the earliest depiction of runes, which is based off early Germanic languages, which was most common language before the Latin alphabet was adopted in the 1400’s.

Decapitated mummified crocodiles discovered in undisturbed ancient tomb


In an undisturbed Tomb in Egypt, ancient mummified remains of crocodiles have been found. Mummified animal remains are not uncommon, but some of these were decapitated after being dried out and they lacked linen wrappings.

Ancient pollution reveals large-scale mining in prehistoric North America


In the Lake Superior region, in North America, local indigenous tribes dug copper out of shallow pits at a large scale, 6000 years ago. This has been found due to peak lead production appearing at that time period, surrounding the copper pits, along with archaeological evidence.

3,000-year-old sword thought to be fake for 90 years. It’s real, Illinois museum says


At the Field Museum in Chicago, they were shocked to find out that the Hungarian sword they obtained in the 1930’s, which they believed to be a replica, was actually the genuine 3000 year old sword. It is believed it was simply a clerical error and was mislabelled.

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Miners Left a Pollution Trail in the Great Lakes 6000 Years Ago