January 27th News: Silver Hoard found in Israel


Silver hoard found in Israelhttps://www.livescience.com/ancient-silver-hoards-israel-gaza

A hoard of silver currency is believed to be the oldest found in Israel and Gaza. It’s dated to 3600-years-old, hundreds of years earlier from previous evidence. 

It is believed the silver was mined in Turkey, and brought to the area. 

Rome appian wayhttps://www.reuters.com/article/italy-archaeology-appian-way-idUSKBN2U31N4

In attempts to explore the first and oldest highway for Ancient Rome, the Appian Way, archaeologist have hit a roadblock to exploring it due to strong current of underground water. Due to the scale and rich history, this is leading to large discoveries being hidden. 

Scottish Mummyhttps://www.iflscience.com/the-scottish-mummy-that-turned-out-to-be-made-of-three-people-67224

Two mummies found in Scotland, dating back 3,000 years ago, are actually formed out of 6 individual people. They were originally preserved in a peat bog before ancient peoples transported them for final burial. The skeletons were put together with bodies from various time periods, with often pieces not fitting. 

1.2 million year old obsidian handaxe found in Ethiopiahttps://www.iflscience.com/1-2-million-year-old-obsidian-axe-factory-found-in-ethiopia-67232

Found in Ethiopia, a 1.2 million year old obsidian handaxe is changing how we saw actions of early hominids. Previously, obsidian handaxes were only found dating to the middle Stone Age. Now, they have found a cache of 578 stone tools, with 3 of them being obsidian, challenging our knowledge. 

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