Homo Antecessor Replica Skull

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The Homo antecessor, also known as the “Pioneer of Mankind”, is an extinct hominid from the Lower Pleistocene. It is also known as “Antecessor”, “Zakmolen”, “Archaic Homo sapiens”, and “Early Human”.
The skull replica of the Homo antecessor is an accurate replica of the original specimen.

The skull replica is created with digital manipulation, 3d printing and hand painting techniques. It was printed to scale and is perfect for in-class instruction or as home decor. The product is hand painted, and colours can slightly vary from the photos.

Homo Antecessor. A member of the Hominin family, one of our ancestors. You can have a hand-painted exact replica-sized skull, printed from biodegradable PLA filament, so future Archaeologist will never find them.*

*Only if returned to it’s natural habit. It will survive a long-while if well taken care of. Just like anything else.

Painting design may vary due to nature of being made-to-order and hand painted.

Credit for the print file goes to H0minid.

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1 review for Homo Antecessor Replica Skull

  1. Brian R J Glover

    Excellent quality replica at a keen price and with very reasonable postage costs. Made to order, sensibly packaged and despatched quickly. Customer service second to none.
    Product and supplier highly recommended.

    Dartford, England

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