3D Printed Photo Scales


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After many hunts for photo scales for personal lab use; finding the 4-5 sites available, selling paper or plastic scales for $10-50 for a single scale – Brad decided we needed to do this better.

The 3D printed photo scales by Saint Archaeology Co. is a new type of product.
Saint Archaeology Co. offers a set of 3D printed photo scales that could be used by archaeologists, photographers, historians, teachers and students.

The biggest advantage of the 3D printed photo scales is that they can be customized by the customer. That means that the customer can choose the colour of the photo scales (red or black), the colour of the printing and the size needed.

The 3D printed photo scales are a great addition to the 3D printed educational materials offered by Saint Archaeology Co.

With that, we designed and printed with eco-friendly PLA filament these hand-painted photo scales. They will ship in a set of three. Sizes:

16cm 90 degree angle
14cm flat
7cm flat


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