December 30th News: Stonehenge Goldworking Tools confirmed; 13 tombs, HMS Erebus and oldest points in Americas

13 tombs — most over 1,800 years old — unearthed on mountainside in China, photos show

A burial complex was uncovered in Hunan Province, in a mountain side. The tombs did not have inscriptions on their brick or clay decorations, however select tombs were layered with sand, which is believed to indicate gender.

Archaeologists Found the Oldest Weapons Created in the Americas, Expanding the Timeline of Human Invention

In Idaho, 14 stemmed projectile points have been found, dating back 13200 to 16000 years ago. There were two additional ones dating 19000 years ago, making them the oldest ever found in the Americas.

Unearthed Near Stonehenge, This Toolkit Was Used for Goldwork 4,000 Years Ago

A collection of artifacts originally found in a mound near Stonehenge 200 years ago, have been identified. These tools had gold residue on the them and archaeologist were able to connect them to gold working toolkit.

Hundreds Of Artifacts Found In Wreck Of The Doomed Franklin Expedition

A recent underwater excavation of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, allowed a crew to explore the HMS Erebus, have found such items as a leather bound book with a feathered quill still inside. This ship was doomed to the seas after an 1845 expedition to navigate the undocumented section of the Northwestern Passage of the Canadian Arctic. It’s a wooden ship that is one of the best preserved around the world and they were able to recover 275 artefacts.

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