Weekly News – December 9th: Neolithic Carving Depicting Self-love and other Archeology News

This week, the news consists of some of the hot stories in the news right now. As always, these videos are exactly what you need to know, provided quickly – With the ability to learn more.

Stories in video

Rare’ ancient bullet — with ‘magic inscription’ — uncovered in Israel, experts say Greek Sling Bullet From Hasmonean Period Found in Yavne Reveals Case of Ancient Psychological Warfare – 2200 year old tan lead sling bullet was uncovered in Israel, with the inscription of “Victory of Heracles and Hauronas,” in Greek. They believe it may be linked to a conflict between the Greeks and the Hasmoneans in the second century B.C.E.

Archaeologists Uncover ‘Significant’ Palace Door Threshold in Ancient Iraqi City of Nimrud During Major Recovery Dig – The door threshold was found at the Palace of the Assyrian King Adad-Nirari III, who reigned from 810 BCE–783 BCE. This site is significant because it’s the first major excavation site in Iraq since the destruction of sites by ISIS in 2016.

What is the mysterious object unearthed on a Florida beach? A 1800s’ shipwreck, experts believe – Shipwreck from 1800’s uncovered in Florida, due to back-to-back hurricanes. The ship is 24 metres long and was constructed with wood. It was found submerged in the sand, however, it is unlikely the name of the ship will ever be known.

Man Waggling His Willy At Leopards Found On World’s Earliest Narrative Art – A 10000 year old slab discovered in Turkey depict the earliest known narrative carvings. This carving depicts a man with his little man in his hand – while surrounded by leopards. Researchers believe it provides more insight into Neolithic society.


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