Weekly News – December 16th: Additional Nazca Lines Found and Roman Coins stolen from British Police

This week in the news, we covered these stories:


Watchful cat, slithering snake among 2,000-year-old drawings found in Peru.


Archaeologist have found 168 additional geoglyphs in Nazca. They range in designs from human-like figures to animals such as rabbit, cat and snake. They date to be around 2000 years old.

‘Monumental’ 5,000-year-old cemetery unearthed below stone pillars near lake in Kenya


9 skeletal remains were found in a large cavity near Lake Turkana in Kenya. This site was previously believed to be only a secondary burial site, until additional excavations found the buried remains. They found objects associated with burial far below the existing secondary burial site.

Archaeologists reveal secrets of 2 sarcophagi found after fire at Notre Dame in Paris


After the 2019 fire at Notre Dame in Paris, two sarcophagi were uncovered; one of known origins the other unknown. The unknown one dates to the 14th century.

Roman Treasure Stolen from British Museum After Metal Detectorists Forfeited it by Law For Safekeeping


Half of a cache of Roman coins that were in police custody in England, were found to be missing when they were to be transported to the British Museum in London. The initial case file is also gone. It’s unknown who stole them or how, but an active investigation is currently happening.

Bonus: Sir Tony Robinson is returning to Time Team!

Sir Tony Robinson returns to Time Team for first time in nearly a decade: ‘This really feels like coming home’


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